“Agriturismo” Dinners


Our “Agriturismo” inspired dinners at Gigi Market in Red Hook have been getting some great feedback from diners! We thought we’d share some of their comments with you.

Nick Palmer: “We thought it was really good! The beans were delicious. Loved the Segura Viudas & pork chops!”



Mary Kay, Executive Director Dutchess County Tourism: Thank you for your hospitality!

Before and After 🙂

Gigi Hudson Valley agriturismo dinners brought me right back to my Italian vacation. Food was fresh, local and delightfully served. It is so great to have local product prepared and service with such style and care. Great night out for everyone.

We’ll definitely be back!


Greg Quinn: I recently enjoyed an “Agriturismo” dinner at Gigi’s Market. The family style meal in the traditional country manner was wonderful, relaxed and delicious. The menu was simple, as one would expect in this venue but, as is expected from Gigi’s, delectable and beautifully prepared and presented. The combination of great local country food, wonderful wine and the tranquil experience of an evening meal surrounded by the fields and crops of a working farm made for a memorable night out. As a farmer myself, I particularly appreciated the fact that our waiter happily informed us of the names of the local farms from where the ingredients came. A couple of vegetables even came direct from Laura’s garden. I would recommend to everyone to take advantage of this, one of the area’s true country gems.


Dale Stewart: Service is chatty, pleasant, and Italian-style mellow. With no one rushing the check, a meal can stretch past the two-hour mark, though diners planning to take in a performance at Bard can easily finish in less time.

It’s a pleasure to linger, however, in the comfortable, charming environment Pensiero has created for the Agriturismo dinners. Soft-spoken though she may be, she has an unflinching eye for detail, as evinced by the fashionable marais chairs paired with wooden farm tables, each of which is graced by a bouquet of wildflowers.

With a little advance notice, Agriturismo dinners can be private and romantic; simply request a solo table set on the stone patio overlooking the bucolic green pastures. There you can enjoy not only a verdant view of the 500-acre Greig Farm and beyond, but also, perhaps, an encounter with the baby goats that roam the property. (Drop a quarter in the old-fashioned feed dispenser if you want to lure them closer.)

* Taken from Rural Intelligence.


Susan Simon: The meal is served family-style.  Platters and bowls of food are brought to the table for everyone to share.   The fixed-price meal – the menu (which duly notes the farm of each ingredient’s origin) includes a huge basket of Gigi’s bread, a dish of olive oil, a bean and garlic spread; an antipasti loaded with lavender-scented cheese, cured sausage, blueberries, pickled daikon radish, steamed carrots with poblano peppers, and beet “carpaccio” – thinly sliced Chioggia beets (the striped ones) topped with olive oil; a choice of entree, vegetarian or meat – we chose two orders of vegetarian pasta, bucatini with greens and cherry tomatoes and other things, and one order of grilled poussinand sausage;

“Agriturismo” Blueberry Cobbler – Photo by Susan Simon

dessert was still warm-from-the-oven blueberry cobbler topped with a dollop of whipped cream.  Without asking, the excellent staff packed up the leftovers for our future enjoyment.  Let me tell you, this place is a find.  The food is molto buono, you can rest assured the ingredients have a tiny carbon footprint, and the price is so reasonable that you will be very happy. The menu changes every weekend – check the site for updates.

*Taken from Susan’s blog, “Susan Simon Says”


Susan Lampasona: If you have never visited Gigi’s “Agriturismo” Dinner in Red Hook, you have not experienced the ultimate dining experience! Serene atmosphere, to die for food, wonderful staff. If you are looking for a family style/romantic/exquisite experience… you must try this!


Cathy: I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our agriturismo dinner last night.  It was a beautiful night, the setting is just spectacular and everything was delicious.  Megan, our server, was patient and accommodating.

We arrived a little early, since we had set this up and had not done it before, made a bit of a nuisance changing tables and chairs for benches, and then welcomed our friends.  Thinking about it today, I realize that each arrival was like stepping onto a stage – perhaps the Boscobel Shakespeare Festival stage – as they come from the torch lit path onto the platform under the tent.  And I think we felt as if we were in some lovely Italian dream of dinner with friends in the country.

Thank you one, and all.

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